Cloth sim flipping out in Render. Can i cache cloth simulations? (Using twinblast Paragon Rig)

The cloth flips out when i render it…is there a way to cache the simulation before rendering?

i tried sequence recorder and take recorder but those don’t seem to capture cloth simulations either…i’m basically looking for an “alembic cache” equivalent in UE4.

Short answer: Nope
Long answer: Still nope

ever find a fix for this?

nope. cloth sim doesn’t work in sequencer in UE. only in game mode…you can sim your cloth in an external 3d software and export as alembic cache.

I actually got it to work again, I was only having the problem when rendering out shots in 1080p with 16-32 samples. When I started rendering again in 4K 64 samples, the cloth works. I’m also using movie render queue and not sequencer.

can you post a clip of what you have? how did you get it to work?

Hey I don’t have any clips right now but to get it to work all I did was in the movie render queue output options, I added antialiasing and set the temporal samples to 64, this is what works for me, I know a lot of people won’t be rendering out with those settings