Cloth physics

I have some issue with cloth collision in UE4.
The collision with cloth do not work with the Box shape body!

Correct. Its designed that way.
You can only use sphere, sphiel, and cloth capsules per the nvcloth specs.

also cloth as a whole does not react to outside physics.

To get that to work you have to skin the cloth and create a PHAT asset to allow for the physics interaction - and paint the cloth with a value of around 5cm to make it look like its actually reacting.
In reality the phat asset is driving the physics. The cloth is just there to make it look more natural than it otherwise would.

Note that within the phat asset you can use whatever collision you want, since it’s unrelated to cloth.

Thanks for the help!

i have another issue, this time with blender, when i export skeletal meshes from blender and apply clothing
the camera from the viewport zoom out :

Hit F to zoom back in?
never ran into this issue… Im currently using cloth daily.

Perhaps your scale in blender is not properly set?
meters .001 i believe.

import an SK mannequin, it will set the scale for you.
delete everything from the scene and save your startup file.
anything else you create will be in the exact scale.

to fix what you already modeled you need to change the scale and subsequently scale the item up or down to match.

Fun fact the box bodies collide with cloth in 4.26 (it’s because of Chaos, I imagine) and the camera zoom out/Scale issue gone too in 4.26
but the collision between physic body and clothing still do not working with blender Sk meshes :confused: