Cloth Physics causing low FPS in 4.20


I recently upgraded my project from 4.19 to 4.20.

In 4.19 my game in PIE used to get around 25 fps (this is due to high cloth solver frequency and vertex count).When I upgraded the project to 4.20 now I only get 3 to 4 fps in PIE. I’ve pinpointed the problem to be cloth physics because when I change my character to default mannequin I get 60+ fps. Secondly, opening the Skeletal Mesh Asset in 4.19 there is no lag in Persona but same asset in 4.20 my editor slow down drastically. My question is what is causing the low fps in the newer version? How should I improve it?


UPDATE: There are issues with Nv Cloth Solver in this version. I crashed my Engine twice and Crash Report showed Cloth Physics and Nv Solver as the reason.