cloth performance

the new cloth tools are awesome
however is there a way to see how taxing they are i might want to use them on a VR game.

If you enter ‘stat physics’ as a console command, you’ll see a bunch of clothing entries in there that look like this:


Here’s a quick explanation of the clothing related items:

[table=“width: 1024, class: grid, align: left”]


Cloth Total
The total time spent doing anything clothing related this frame. This includes all threads/tasks.

Internal Solve
The time spent inside the core NvCloth solver.

Skin Physics Mesh
Clothing constraints require us to CPU skin the simulation mesh, this is the time spent doing that.

Compute Clothing Normals
After simulation we need to rebuild the simulation mesh normals, this covers the time doing that

Cloth Writeback
Time spent writing simulation results back to the main thread into the skeletalmeshcomponent

Fill Context
Time spent preparing the data required for simulation

Simulated Cloth Verts
Number of active clothing vertices in the current scene

Hopefully this helps :slight_smile: