Cloth painter basics

I have this FBX containing a DAZ3D cloth prob. and I try to experiment with cloth-painting on parts of this. I brought the vertices down a bit - I try to go very basic, doing just a Brush and nothing else. (Doing as in this: Clothing Tool | Unreal Engine Documentation )

The results are rather disappointing the top view is the painted skirt and the below you see the result when pressing H. The cloth material sort of puff-up rather than falling down as expected. (Also the “Erase - Shift + Left Mouse” does not seem to work? I need to change the paint value to 0 and then paint over to erase the Cloth value.)

Additional question: I was thinking that my problem would be to find the values for leather materials - but I am no even able to find any official reference for clothing materials.)

Apparently the Paint value should have something to do with this? However I tried to go from 100 to 1000, then 2-3-6000 and still the result are useless. I wonder if anyone did get this to work… so i guess I need to import some of the characters form Paragon to figure out what the parameters actually means?

It looks like I did not know enough about this to get things going - the issue could likely be that the physics asset was not correct, that is what is seen is collision with the physics body?