Cloth paint hair?

I just learned about the Cloth Paint feature and I’m having some wild success painting clothes. But cloth painting hair doesn’t seem to have any effect. I am painting all or a portion of it and it appears to still be completely ridged in the previewer and in the world.

Does anyone know if cloth painting hair is a thing and how I might get any results? It seems like there isn’t much discussion about this which tells me either I shouldn’t be doing this or this is too new of a feature.

For what it’s worth, my hair is a skinned mesh imported from Maya that has some volume to it. It’s not a flat (thin) surface like clothes typically is. Does that mean it won’t work or is there another way to get hair physics working?

I guess what I’m trying to ask is, what is the recommended way to get hair physics working for non-flat meshes using latest ue 4.22?

Anybody have any advice here?