Cloth on Skeletal Mesh Causes Engine Hitch when Spawning Actor


I’m currently on engine version 4.24.3 and I’m noticing a very large engine hitch (literally feels like it pauses the game for a split second) anytime when I spawn an actor with cloth enabled, usually around 90ms~, give or take. The engine hitch is repeatable is 100% anytime I spawn a skeletal mesh with some sort of physics cloth enabled. In terms of hardware, I’m running on a R9 3900x and RTX 2070 and easily run my project at 60 fps locked.

I’ve noticed a previous report on this issue here, but nothing else. I’m wondering if anyone knows if it has been addressed in 4.25 (doubtful on that though) or if anyone’s knows of a fix for this issue (maybe I’ve done something wrong with the clothing tool)? I can think of some alternatives to get around it but its not as pleasant as simply spawning the actor and being done with it.


Noticed in .25.3 as well, but only with one piece c
of cloth out of 250.
​​​​​30must be something specific to the mesh.

Thanks for verifying. I actually did notice another actor with cloth is working fine, so I suppose indeed it must be something specific to the actor itself. I’ll have to mess with the settings and see if its possibly something causing it there.