Cloth/hair simulation destroys mesh

Hello everyone. Desesperate person here.

Someone could help me to setup my character with AnimDynamics or the KawaiiPhysics plugin?

I’ve done the traditional bone rigging on the hair and skirt, but the nodes aren’t really working in the way that they are supposed to (Both AnimDynamics/KawaiiPhysics and even RigidBody doesn’t work). I do manage to get the bones moving, but any of this nodes just completely destroy the mesh.

In the first print you can see the deformation that happens on the skirt and on the second one what happens if i choose to apply it to the whole hair (i know that we should have one node for each bone chain but the result if i do so is basicaly the same that you see here). It looks like it squeezes the mesh. I tried eveything i can think of and i don’t really know what to do.

Cloth simulation doesn’t really seem to work well with a layer of cloth above another one (clips really hard). I don’t really know any alternative for my problem, even tried some standalone legacy APEX software and no luck.

I really need help with this, that’s something that breaks entirely the progress of the project.