Cloth collision works with all capsules except one


I have a problem with new clothing tool :

Every collision capsules work fine with my simulated cloth, except one. One of my calf capsule is working properly, the other one which is exactly the same one doesn’t create any collision at all ( see images ).

I have no idea what to do, can anyone help please ?
Thx !

That maybe your cloth affect by skeleton , make sure all your cloth weight map was clear , if not the result will be cloth rigging animation + cloth simulate

Also at first picture look at left → Clothing Properties —> Set Collision Thickness value bigger than 1 that make skeleton capsules wider to collision

In skeleton Physic Asset Click your Leg capsules —> Details Panel —>Collision tab ----> Collision Reponse —>Enabled


First of all thank you for your answer. The collision reponse was enabled and chaging the collision thickness did not make it working.

It now works but I used another file. In fact no matter how far I went back in previous version of my rig, it still did not work. But I also created another version of the rig to try dynamic joints from the current not working version. I removed the added joints for dynamic, put it back in UE and… it works. So to wrap things up :

  • I created a rig for cloth simulation which does not work.
  • From this rig I added joints for dynamic.
  • I removed the dynamic joints added to recover the previous rig.
  • It works.

I absolutly do not understand what happened, but still, it worked… :s