Cloth collision ignores physics asset

I’ m testing out the cloth tool with my character but the cloth goes right through the physics assets.

I put a cape on the UE4 mannequin and works fine.

When I enabled showing the collisions I got the strange circles in the pictures, while the mannequin was normal. The circles are from the capsule collisions. The capsules are normal when I remake the Physics asset but once I apply the cloth simulation the capsules go haywire.

I’m using a rigify rig from blender but I edited the rig to have the same number and names of bones the UE4 rig has. I can even re-target with the UE4 rig perfectly fine. Its at the right scale and imported properly.

I think the cause is my rig but I have no clue why.

Could be caused by a mismatch in system units used by your 3D program and Unreal Engine.
If you are using Blender I read on other similar posts that it can help to set units to 0.01 and scaling everything back up x100, then re-importing in UE.
I use 3DS Max myself where I had similar issues because the system units were in Inches instead of cm. Physics assets apparently require the imported model to be in a particular unit scale or they will bug out.
Hope this at least puts you in the right direction.