Cloth Collision - 2 quick questions


After testing out the new cloth tools in 4.18 I have a couple of questions.

  1. It appears as if sphere and capsule are the only supported shapes for self collision, is that correct?
  2. Is it possible to have the cloth collide with the world on anything outside of itself? If not; is this planned?


Bump. Same questions (2 in particular). Many questions going back with Apex too asking no.2, only one answer in any of them (except links to eachother) - that accepted answer doesn’t work or help. It says make sure you have at least one phys body. FP Player has physics bodies onn the arms and between them. Making a non-clothing cloth (say a curtain or tent doorway), which works within the context of its skeletal mesh owner, FP Player walks straight through with no cloth collsion (unrealistic).
I would add… 3) Why does all the bodies in the Phy Asset have to be simulated for the cloth mesh attached to work?


  1. Yes, that’s correct.
  2. Cloth can collide with environment, but only with StaticMeshes with mobility set to Static as well. (afaik)

Hope this helps!

Edit: To make environment collisions to work you need to check “Collide with Environment” check box in details panel of SkeletalMesh instance. Also keep “Collide with Attached Children” off, idk why but it breaks environment collision. Perhaps someone else can explain this behavior better.

Yes, I think that was the case back in 4.13. Then something has changed in 4.16 and environment collision didn’t work at all (at least for me, and I had to fake floor with collision bodies in skeletal mesh). Seems like 4.18 has this issue fixed. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply AyanMiru, but I tried all those settings with no luck.

That’s weird because I tried it then before replying and tried now again to recheck, it works on my end. Did you try it with simple plane mesh? Check if static meshes have simple collision, check if they have been set to block each-other in collision settings.

Weird, yea, I had it all setup. I have a few tests with meshes with different collision types.
I’ll do a fresh scene and test it out.
Would you have a screen shot of it working?

Just to make sure we are doing same thing. What I did:

  1. created a plane and skinned it to a bone (ignore the weird stuff in the middle, have been testing smth)
  2. imported to engine, in SkelMesh editor Section Selected it and created new clothing data from selection. Painted MaxDistance 100 to everything except two corners on top. Applied clothing data to mesh.
  3. draged it into the scene, checked Collide with Environment.

After that it should collide with basic cube, just like on the picture.

Hi !
a) I designed a simple plane in Blender as a flag. (No bones attached).
b) Exported it as an fbx-file.
c) Imported it into EU 4.18 as a skeleton mesh.
d) Used Cloth tool to select area, set up clothing data, applied etc etc.
e) Placed it in the scene and applied wind. WORK VERY WELL.

But it does not collide properly at all with other objects, ie static mesh (for ex a stone-wall)
BR Jörgen Petersson in Sweden.