Cloth collapse

When i assign my apx to skeletal mesh’s material, the cloth is collapse(rtut.PNG

Is this also happening when he is in a animation pose (e.g idel, run,…) and when you place him into the level?

Here is a apex tutorial that explains how you can create a cloth part for the UE4:

No. I just import a Tpose in editor and assign cloth without any animation.
I did exactly the same as in the video(

It’s hard to say what went wrong, but in my opinion it has to do something with the collision hull. Have you made that mesh directly in 3ds max/maya or have you imported it from blender and is it working correctly in your 3d program? (because I had nearly exactly the same problem some weeks ago -> I have imported my blender mesh in a wrong way)

So people sent me a rigged model of character and static cloth. (i dont now program which use with character creation)
I had to do cloth simulation. I bind static cloth to skeletal, paint faces via physx, create kinematic ragdoll and in maya it looks fine. But in UE4 (4.0.1) cloth is collapses

Is there probably a way that you could upload a part of the character with the rigg so that I and others can take a look at it? e.g just the part on the picture