Cloth cape

Hello again guys,

So, I have a cloth cape in a mesh. Can I just import it and add to the skeleton as a socket? The cape is almost all around the character.

Have the possibility to it moves according with the movement of the character when jumping/attacking/running? (without colliding/bugging the character)

Also can it moves with the wind (idle instance)?

One way of going about this is with Nvidia Apex in which you would make the skeletal mesh, make the apex, import the mesh and import the cloth asset in the skeletal mesh editor — ?v=Vp-2owf695Q
Also you can use physx clothing by Nvidia for cloth simulation — ?v=4tALceektts

I’m not a pro by any means this is just stuff I’ve seen floating around in the forums I figured I’d share

Here is another good tutorial that explains it very well: ?v=uTOELBNBt04

Hello guys! And thanks for the answers, @

But by this method it will need to be part of the character right? Or have the possibility to make isolated as an equipament to socket later on the character? (because in the video you had to set up collision objects for the body)