Closing unsaved document should discard all edits

Normally, in a multi document application, when you close a tab with a document, you are being asked if you want to discard all changes or save the document first.
Unreal instead allows us to close an edited blueprint and keep it in the back, edited and changed until it is eventually saved.
There are often cases where you want to discard changes. Some edits can not be undone, for instance when you change an asset in a BP node’s drop down box. If you make those changes and you eventually realize that you messed up, you usually close the document and discard all changes. That is not an option in UE. It should be however!

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I think there should be an option to undo changes, in right click asset menu, but close without saving wouldn’t work in unreal, unreal is not document application, it manages dependencies actively, which make updates to files based on other asset changes.

2023 and this still happening. Closing tabs should ask if you want save, discard changes or cancel. Or at least allow you decide discard doing right click in the tab and selecting in the menu

Completely on your side. It´s annoying sometimes, especially with a lot of assets to discard. My work around for this is navigating to the asset in Content Browser and right click → asset actions → reload → “Yesss”
Hope that helps.

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