Closing spline loop via options does not work


I couldn’t find any open or closed issues for this in the tracker. It looks like there’s been a few topics in the bugs reports, but a lot of topics that the user fixed or changes to the spline system in Unreal resulted in the topics being closed.

I also couldn’t find any docs or form posts talking about this.

Issue: Setting closed loop via the details panel for a spline does not work. A white line will be drawn once that’s ticked, but any calls to get spline length or is closed will be wrong.
Only splines closed via blueprint work.

  1. Start a new project
  2. Add a new blueprint actor
  3. Add a spline component
  4. Drag some points out to make a ‘C’ shape with the points
  5. Add a simple print to the constructor script to print the length and is closed bool for the spline (see spline_s0 screen)
  6. Compile, save
  7. Drag two of these actors into your level
  8. Move them around and you’ll see the print out of the length and closed bool
  9. Select one of the actors, select the spline component in the details panel and check the ‘ClosedLoop’ bool
  10. Move the actor around and nothing has changed in the print out (see spline_s1 and spline_s2 screens)
  11. Back in the constructor script, add a public bool that if checked during construction will close the loop via blueprint, see spline_s0 screen, compile save
  12. Copy one of the splines from the level and then check the new bool we added, the spline will close and when you move it around the correct length will be displayed (see spline_s3 screen)

Hope that helps, thanks,

Hey daveREspawn,

I’ve reproduced your issue and have entered a report which you can track here: Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-36728)

Thank you for your report.

Have a great day