Closing holes or more closed Mesh?

Quick question, when i create the 3d Mesh, it is created with very sharp detail, but at the cost of
alot holes, is there an option to create a not so sharp (smoother) with less holes, more filled?

Greets Nedo

Hi Nedo
Can you make any screenshots so that we can see what sort of holes you get there ?

There is NO option to close holes, but if you get good overlap and so on then the holes will be not there, but again, it depends on what sort of projects are you trying to solve…

Hi Wishgranter, i’ve seen the holes in the point cloud, the black parts on ground and thought this would not be filled (see Pic1), last night i rendered a part
of my town and everything looks great, beside some parts where there was no Photo, everthing filled no holes (see Pic2). So i’m sorry! :wink:

Hi Nedo
If you mean the holes in roofs, then you need to get MORE images looking at that particular areas. In the ideal case UAVs or at least images from higher level or from a pole + images seeing under the roof, so from the ground looking in that particular areas. As the holes in a model mean there is NOT enough data to properly reconstruct that areas.

Hi Wishgranter, i’m quite happy with the result, i was looking more on the ground in the Pointcloud where
nothing is visible, but RC closing it nicely.
The next thing i need is filtering the scene, i need the ground as 3D Mesh without the houses, can this be done with RC?
Or do i need another program? Thanks for any suggestions!


Hi Nedo
Yes, it’s possible but I would use Zbrush for this sort of work…