Closing Credits System - Credits for your game

I have recently been working on a package for the marketplace that creates closing credits for your game. All you need to do is enter the names & roles, setup the default properties, and it will build the credits for you.
Here is a short trailer:

Here are some of the features/details:
•Price is currently set to be $25
•Builds credits based on the data you have entered, and uses all of the defaults that you setup (Color, font, padding, etc.)
•You are able to override properties for specific pieces of text if you want them to vary from the defaults
•Images can be used in the credits
•The fade (See top & bottom of the screen in the trailer) works with images, movies, or your own level/scene.
•Data entry is simple, and can be done in spreadsheet software like Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets to speed up the process. This package uses Data Tables.
•This package has plenty of support for audio, including things like audio queues.
•Easily manipulate all of the curves (Opacity, speed, volume)


This package has already passed initial review, and is now awaiting a review of the files themselves :smiley: Please vote in the poll, as I’d really like to gauge interest for this before it’s release.