[CLOSED} UE4 C++ Gameplay / Backend Programmer

EDIT: Thank you for all of your responses, this position has now been filled!


A small team working on an online RPG Adventure game is looking for some looking for some short-term support with the programming side to help tackle full implementation of the UE4 Gameplay Ability System into the project.

The project is in early-alpha stage working on one of its last ‘core’ mechanics of the game - combat. We’ve implemented a fairly vanilla GAS system that works well, but customising the system to the specific gameplay needs of the project is beyond our technical confidence (things like ability icons, UI updates, ability swapping linked to weapon types etc.) and we’d like to bring onboard someone for a short period of time to get it working in the way it was intended to work.

If things go well, we’d love to look at the other systems with you, such as:
• A Network-efficient Character State Management System
• A persistent ‘Knowledge’ system (Learning skills, abilities, recipes etc.)

About the Game:
The game is a challenging oldschool MMORPG with modern graphics, detective-style quests and risk-reward themed gameplay. It takes inspiration from legends such as Zelda, Runescape, World of Warcraft and entices players to muddle around in the sandbox-style world.
The game has a medieval ‘Game of Thrones’ theme; historical realism with hints of magic, unclear morals and dark elements (not quite horror, but morbid). It is a temperate landscape with English-based backdrop.

The game is in pre-alpha development and can be distributed/downloaded for internal testing. This link will be shared to shortlisted applicants for their perusal and feedback. Feel free to take a peek at our GIPHY link for some previews >>> BGP Development GIFs - Find & Share on GIPHY

About the Role:
You would be responsible for upgrading the existing GAS implementation to cover all core combat abilities in a multiplayer environment. You will also be responsible for providing sound generic feedback and support on the other systems of the game, leading brainstorming exercises on how they could be improved.

You will be referencing the Game Design Document and Narrative Design Document to gain an understanding of the game and the world, before using your networked C++ gameplay coding experience to implement fundamental changes and extend existing functionality using best-practices. You will have the full support of myself on a daily basis to provide summaries/explanations of the current as-is code (how things work, where things are etc.), coding standards and to support any non-GAS changes required.

The final deliverables to work towards are an ‘augmented GAS framework’ which supports 15 core ability types and UI updates; implemented, tested & (99%) production ready.

You must have your own PC with minimum specs powerful enough to play the latest titles at high settings in order to view, test and debug the game. You should have experience working on UE4 projects in team settings using perforce.

Core Skills & Requirements:

  • High-End Desktop PC to work from
  • UE4 Generic Competency (navigation, blueprints, engine etiquette, asset management, network replication)
  • UE4 Advanced C++ Competency (Classes, pointers, blueprint implementable functions, interfaces, constructors)
  • UE4 Advanced Gameplay Ability System Experience (AttributeSet, GameplayAbilitySpecHandle, GameplayAbilityUIData, GameplayEffectExecutionCalculation)
  • Demonstrated UE4 lifecycle understanding (minimum 1 playable ‘demo’ that you’ve contributed towards)
  • Experience playing at least 1 ‘MMORPG’ style game
  • Experience using Perforce source control
  • Good written and spoken English communication skills

Nice to haves:

  • UE4 World Composition experience
  • UK Timezone for calls/sessions
  • Trello/Agile experience

Engagement Deliverables:

  • Augmented GAS ‘Framework’ in C++
    Working blueprint-exposed functions of the GAS system (initialise attributes, cancel abilities)
    Ability Icons
    UI Updates (Ability Bar cooldown, UMG HUD Status Updates)
    Abilities linked to equipped weapon type
    ‘Cast Bar’
  • 15 ‘core’ combat abilities
    Melee (Attack, Bleed, Parry, Retaliate… )
    Ranged (Attack, steady shot, ammo…)
    Magic (Attack, charged attack, curse, heals, ammo… )
    Items (Healing Potions, Buffing Potions, )

Selection Process:

  • Shortlisted, demo shared for feedback
  • Interview 1 - Non-Technical (Personality, Scope, commercials, timelines)
  • Interview 2 - Technical (Skills, experience, GAS knowledge)
  • Selection - Contract/NDA Signed

This is a well paid opportunity with flexible compensation options.

Please DO NOT apply if you:

  • Are a generic game agency
  • Have less than 1 year of experience with UE4/C++
  • Have not used the Gameplay Ability System before (it has a steep learning curve with a lot of nuances)

If interested, please send a DM to me on the UE4 forums with a brief introduction of yourself, your experience and a suitable contact point.

Thanks, looking forward to hearing from you!