[CLOSED] Searching for a Male voice actor! Ancient Roman God voice. (Details below)...

Hello everyone!

Myself and three other students are currently modelling assets for a game trailer at our university and are planning out each individual element involved.

We have considered the concept of having a narration while the trailer is playing describing the fall of Ancient Rome during a period of violent turmoil, our project is essentially structured around the concept of religion. All of the details including the story line can be provided confidentially if any of this interests you or possibly anyone else you know.

Ideally, we would be aiming for someone with previous experience in this field and also with the ability to portray a rich, powerful narration voice to match the theme of our work enhanced with ambient instrumental music in the background.

We will provide the script for you and give full credit where required for the services required. This will be unpaid work.

Thank you very much for reading, and we look forward to any replies.

Kind regards,

Jack Gathercole

PS: My contact email is: “jackgathercoleuh@gmail.com”. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact.