[CLOSED] (REMOTE): Level Designer, UI/UX Artist, Composer, Voice Actors

Project Title:
(Codename) Hyperborea

A strategy turn based combat game set in a fantasy/ancient world.
Game graphics will be stylized half-way through Borderlands and Valkyria Chronicles, a very unique style made by our incredibly talented concept artist and ported to 3D by our modeler and shader artist.
The game will be developed with PC as the main platform (with planned modding support) and we’re not excluding the possibility to port it to the Nintendo Switch and PS4/XBONE.

Team Name:
Craterhood is a newly founded Europe based game studio, the core group is made by 5 friends pooling their saving to follow the call of videogame development, we’ve got a varied background and we all bring a different set of skills to the project. We’re already working with other freelance artist for various other tasks: concepts, 3D modeling, a shader guru and a cartographer.

Talent Required:

These are all remote positions, **anyone **applying is required to have these skills:

  • Good written English communication skill.
  • Ability to chat (text) on the required team communication program (temporarily Discord, Slack at a later date).
  • Right to use and produce assets with any tool involved in the fulfilling of the required tasks.
  • Ability to work from home (or wherever they please) since this is a remote freelance position.

Level Designer

  • Ability to create interesting levels starting from a set of pre-owned assets and written and/or illustrated references.
  • Ability to work with both interiors and exteriors setups.
  • Ability to model eventually required assets is a bonus.

UI/UX Artist

  • Ability to create a clean and easy to navigate UI for in-game menus, strategy and tactical HUDs.
  • Ability to draw **ALL **the required graphical elements is a bonus.


  • Ability to create an interesting soundtrack (menu, background, combat, theme…) for a fantasy setting.
  • Ability to create music that doesn’t sound like “Hey this is my first midi on my old uncle’s keyboard”.
  • Ability to provide a quick sample upon receiving a few references is a bonus but not required.

Voice Actors

  • We need a female and a male voice actors for the two characters presented in the game’s prototype.
  • We’re looking for a serious/adult/young adult voice type.
  • We also need a voice actor as the narrator (both genders).
  • You can apply for both roles if you can vary your voice enough.

How to Apply:
Applications are closed, thanks everyone for your interest in our project.

We could use a few more applications, mainly for Voice Artist and UI/UX.

Sent you a message, question the UI/UX position, if you could answer before I apply that would be great :slight_smile:

Answered to your PM.

thank you and applied

Sent you a mail couple of days ago.

Hi, just wanted to let you know I sent an e-mail a couple of days ago (Simon Felix), for the composer position. Cheers!

Hey, just wanted to tell you that we received all your applications and we’ll start evaluating and answering to them from March the 5th.

We’re still very short on voice actor’s applications.

For voice actors you’ll have better luck posting in TIG Forums, GameDev.Net forums (or even reddit).

I’ve emailed you about voice over. :slight_smile:

experienced sound designer looking for paid/revenue share based collaboration

portfolio - music composition for film and sound design examples by Tiago Morais Morgado - Sound Design Reel | Free Listening on SoundCloud

one game I contributed to: - -

more on the portfolio: (yes, that’s me)

on tinkering:

current github page: (had another one but deleted it)

I am a game writer looking for work if you need any help with writing. Here’s my portfolio:

If you want to apply please read the first post, it’s clearly stated how you should do that, if you’re not even able to follow those simple instructions then please ignore this job offer!

Thanks everyone for the interest in our project, this talent requests can be considered closed.