[CLOSED] PvP Stealth Game [CLOSED]

My team and are based out of Mumbai, India and are looking to polish up and refine our existing prototype.

The game is an online PvP stealth game that currently requires the following:

  1. Animation Blueprinting and Montages (Assets available)
  2. Network code refinement and optimization
  3. Performance optimization
  4. Gameplay feature implementation
  5. UI/HUD Refinements
  6. SFX and Audio implementation
  7. VFX creation and implementation
  8. Troubleshooting animation and rigging issues (Our rigger and animator will collaborate closely with you)
  9. Shader work

Our main aim is to refine, polish and add to our current prototype.

Kindly contact me for further details

Email: [EMAIL=“”]
Skype: shobhit_rebelfiction