[Closed]Probably a simple bug, but it's totally blocking me

Here’s the issue:

In my Main Menu Widget, I had a textblock which was binded to a function to receive a string, but because I wanted to handle the text differently, I deleted the textblock and the function binded to it.

And now, I got a compiling error telling me that the deleted textblock can’t find the function he was supposed to be binded to, but I also can’t re-add either the textblock or the function, both still referenced as existing elements, so not overridable.

If someone could bring me a solution, I’d be highly grateful.

Thanks in advance, and have a good day

likely not a bug, just need to do some cleanup when you delete things.
two things:

in detail panel find the dropdown box where you bound the function and manually switch it to “no binding” or clear or w/e its’ called.

Second, in the event graph on that widget, make sure you aren’t still calling that function anywhere. Ctrl+F to search in blueprints by name. (may be faster just to check in the functions tab of my blueprint pane.)

When you set a binding, I believe this is running from tick. Meaning it checks every frame. If you do not need to check every frame, consider running from events or functions instead. (also having your work all in the event graph is easier to manage later on, if you forget where everything is)

As shown on the second screenshot, there is no more “Textblock_9” on my widget, which is the one that ask for his function, because I deleted it, so as I said, I can’t access to details panel, and yes, I’m using this function only for this deleted textblock.

Second, yes, I learned recently that binding was called every ticks, so that’s the reason why I removed that function to handle the text via a simple “SetText” node.

So you had the function bound to that text block, but you deleted the text block.

Then I’d assume the function still exist and is looking for the text block, as the error message suggest. Then you’d need to go into the my blueprint pane and manually delete the function.

Both or deleted, none of the textblock or the function are still present, but it looks like the textblock suppression isn’t registered while compiling before the function suppression, and I that’s probably why the deleted textblock is still looking for his function, but can’t find it, and because of this error, I cannot go further in the compiling process, which block the textblock suppression to be registred.

All is fine, the textblock UE was indicating me was not correct, after renaming all my non-variable textblocks, I finally found the one which caused this conflict.