closed loop splines

Hi guys,
Just wondering if there is a method of creating closed loop splines in the UE4 editor? If not, is there a way to get a predefined shape/ spline from 3DS Max?
There is probably a really obvious answer but I’m wanting to make a circular spline for my character to move along, (I don’t want any mesh, just the spline), dragging out points isn’t working as I cant seem to find any way of connecting the first and last points and the tangents are just wrong if they sit on top of each other, plus the points don’t want to get the same sort of curve/ positioning.
Any help/ advice would be greatly appreciated!

If you have V4.6 you can edit splines on the level map. If you have V4.7 you can edit their tangents as well, so I recommend V4.7 for this. Closed loop is a boolean property you can set on the spline to close it off.

Hi Furroy, Thanks for the reply. I’ve downloaded the 4.7 build and can see the tangents in red, not sure how to edit them yet though as it just seems to deselect things when I try grabbing them. Do you know if the close loop feature can be seen in the editor window? I’ve connected it as a blueprint node but it doesn’t update.

Hi guys
Ok, figured out how to edit the tangents, scale and rotate tools (me being stupid!).
The close loop would be a massive help if anyone knows how to get it working/ showing in the editor as a visual thing.

I have one inside a BP for my prototype.


Hey Furroy,
Nice one, don’t know how I missed that!
Sorted now, thanks for the help.

Haha, I know the feeling! Half the battle of learning UE4 is where all the options for everything are hidden in the UI.