Closed door

Hello on thursday i asked how to create a door that will load you in another level.
Everything worked for me thanks to the guy who answered my question.
But i have a new question.
My new question is that if you are in a level and press E on the door and you get loaded into the other level, that the same door is closed then?
So that when you´re in the new level and press E again at the same door, that there will be a text on the bottom screen where is will say that you don´t want to go back right now or something like that.
And how do you make it so that when you walk in a trigger that it will then get activated so you can then enter the door.
And is how do you make it for other doors that in the same moment you will here a pullig sound?

I hope you understand my question, have a nice day.

I belice I understand you.
Here is wath you can do:
Make Trigger Box Blueprint, and make it only affect the player.
Then you need to use the “Get Level Name” node.
The you can use booleans on the door based on what leve you are in