Closed alpha test of the tactical shooter Project Echo starts on May 26


You can submit a test player application at

We are the Echo team from Saint Petersburg. In the past we have worked on World of Tanks, World of Warships, World of Warplanes, Quake Champions, Halo Online. More than a year ago we decided to create a complex tactical shooter about battle robots. And now the game is ready for its first ever alpha test. Play it and share your thoughts with us. Let’s make Project Echo awesome together!
Project Echo is a heroic tactical third-person shooter about giant mech-knights.


  • A combination of medieval aesthetics and giant robots.
  • Brain over brawn. Tactical thinking over reflexes.
  • Choosing a mech won’t limit your role on the battlefield. You decide how to combine your individual skills with those of your teammates and overwhelm your enemies with killing synergy.
  • You can customize and upgrade your mech. Unlocking new weapons lets you fine tune your mech according to your play style and adds gameplay variety.
  • Mindless rushes are crushed by teamwork and tactics, while smart mech synergy gives you a real edge in combat.

Looking forward to seeing you at the closed alpha test at: