Close Your Eyes - Lofi Music Video Cinematic

Hi guys,

I’d like to share a music video project that I worked on with a couple friends. I attempted to make a simple animation, mimicking that of a pinwheel that children play with at the beach (or at least they used to…) to accompany my new song, a lofi track.
Overall I’m pretty happy with the look I was able to produce by using a lot of post process tweaks but I couldn’t for the life of me smooth the jitter that was present around the edges of the texture materials. I tried importing the images at higher and lower resolutions, made sure all compression and streaming settings were turned off. set scalability to Epic and I adjusted Temporal Anti-Aliasing in the console commands… Maybe it was the fact I used the sky as a backdrop
Anyway, if anyone has any feedback for me or important lessons to keep my textures smooth then please do let me know so I can do better in the future!;base64
Otherwise, enjoy the song and the whales!

Music and Production by Jaime at HoriZen Productions: Stream HoriZen Productions music | Listen to songs, albums, playlists for free on SoundCloud
Illustration by Braden May: Login • Instagram
Poem and Editing by Yasmin Curren (YagmanX)
Video created using Unreal Engine 4