Close UE4, compile VStudio, reOpen UE4?

-I’ve noticed a rare procedure between VStudio and UnrealEngine4.
When I add new function declarations in the headers classes and function definitions in the cpp.

Why do I need to close UnrealEngine4, compile classes and reopen UnrealEngine4?
It would be possible to skip these steps?

There are other engines that detect new features without having to close it.
And it’s more comfortable work.

-Another rarity.
If I have installed VisualStudio2013 and VisualStudio2012.
When adding new code to my UnrealEngine4 project, opens both IDE’s.
Have I to configure something to prevent this?


you can compile within the editor if you are not adding a new class, or a new function.
for the exception you have to close the editor compile and then reopen Unreal.

The same for me, if there is a workaround i take it.
cause if close the new instance of VS2013 before it load the class i just added, it will also find the associated editor to open the CPP and H files, so VS2010 in my case :confused:

The compile button in the editor takes forever while doing absolutely nothing at all. So, for any change,you have to restart the editor.

right, that’s slow and i don’t know what’s happen throught the looking glass :open_mouth:

Because the editor has instances of your C++ classes in memory, we can’t change their layout without restarting I’m afraid. We do want to improve iterative compile times though where layout is not changing, this is a very active area of work for us!

yeah I noticed the activity of the version compilers and linkers through the process tab of the task manager.
I just want to know, if the EXE is also rebuilt during this process, or if i just edit the dll, doesn’t it affect the engine too ?

When you guys develop games in-house do you have to use this same workflow (e.g., reopening the editor to reload new classes, etc.)?

would it be possible that newer class and functions are in a plugin format?
So the compiler would just create additional .dll/.so and editor can decide to load/unload/reload plugins?
(it could break if map have current class function in use, but could also avoid that by detect and make editor save map/load empty map/reload plugin/load original map.)

For many changes you can use the Compile button in the editor. It should complete very quickly (within a few seconds, after the first time!) unless you changed a global header file in your game. We are working on improving both iterative and “full rebuild” compile times – it is one of our most important initiatives, so you can expect to see this stuff get better. But, if you add a new property or a whole new class, you need to restart. This is something we also want to add support for.

For our internal projects, programmers do often run and restart the game often. Basically, while iterating on gameplay features they will compile in Visual Studio, then run ‘UE4Editor.exe <ProjectFile> -Game’ to start right in the game. This skips the editor and loads the game very quickly after adding new classes or properties. It has upsides and downsides compared to clicking ‘Compile’ in the editor.

We are really looking forward to making ‘Compile’ more comprehensive, and we’re also going to try to allow you to compile from within Visual Studio while the editor is still open, dynamically reloading your changes! We think that it’s going to be pretty sweet.