Close to Vray render

This is my latest job with Unreal engine 4.10.
almost as goood as Vray render without any render time :slight_smile:
getting in love with Unreal!



There is a lot of photoshop in this heh?

Nah, only the left back side tree is added through Photoshop and a bit of playing with levels and curves. :wink:

Your vegetation is made how? sprites?

procedural foliage with custom made material and texture.

It would be nice to see a less aliased image. Have you tried high res shot 5 or 6 and then downscale it in photoshop to 25-30%?

It was 2 I think, as its not the final product yet.

Final Product :slight_smile:
Final_High Quality_ Night Setup.jpg

What is high res shot 5 or 6?

Geometry looks great but the low res sky texture really heavily takes away from the realism of the scene!

I agree, the default sky sphere looks infinitely nicer that that sky…cool architecture though :slight_smile:

Excellent PersoDeath, I love the way UE4 is improving at archviz. Have you tried Dynamic Sky? It should give you the dramatic sky you are looking for. Question, why not just drop a couple of large trees in the background? It seems it would take less time than photoshopping them in.

Do you mind sharing your light settings?

Good work but the asphalt is giving it away.

I think he should use a cube map with a transperent environment Texture and a normal skybox. Thats the way I will do it, but I can not find any transparent environment cube map texture.

How do you guys make your environment in ArchViz? Build an actual environment is to much.

Ultra dynamic sky and background planes with a masked material on it to mask the upper part (the sky in the texture).

Its 6. I could go for 7or8 but I think this one does the job

I could do nothing about the sky as it was requested by the client to be like this

Ill share the settings as soon as I found any spare time.
About trees again that goes to the fact that client only wanted this background.