Close thirdpersoncharacter preview?

I created a third person project from the template. When I click on the character a popup window appears covering about 1/4 of the display area in the editor panel where you do all your work. It displays the exact same thing the main window behind it does, only much smaller. If I try to click on it I only deselect the character…although the ■■■■ popup disappears at least, but then I can’t work on the character. It is always on top. There is no X button in the corner to close it. There is no option in any of the view mode or show menus that says anything about a popup preview.

How the hell do I eliminate this annoying box that obscures my view?

what does this popup actually look like provide a picture. it sounds like you pressing play or simulate but that wouldnt usually create a new window unless you were not working in the main screen.

I have the same issue. I can’t figure out how to get rid of it and it eats about 1/4 of my usable area.

I figured it out, so I’m leaving it here for the next person looking.

-Click on the button in the top left of the editor screen. I don’t know what it’s called, but it’s just to the left of the ‘perspective’ button.
-Click ‘advanced settings’ at the bottom of the menu that comes up.
-Go to ‘Level Editor’ / ‘Viewports’ / ‘Look and Feel’

Toward the bottom of that section there are two options of interest:
‘Preview Selected Cameras’ and ‘Camera Preview Size’

The first turns the preview on and off, the second allows you to change it’s size.

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