Close button and return player control?

Hi Im testing the web browser widget and I added a button when clicked close the web browser but my problem is that button stills showing in the screen and I have not control to move my character so I don’t know what tipe of node or function I have to add to my blueprint:

I will post a picture of what I’ve done:

I need to close the webBrowser (destroying the browser screen and button of close) and keep moving around with the character but I can’t do it, Please can someone explain me (if with pictures better) what can I do to solve this problem?

Thanks All



I will post the way I solved this problem sorry for disturbing…

to solve the problem you have to do this with the close button:

I hope this can help someone in the future who may have same problem I had before.

Greetings from Spain and sorry, my English is not good at all…

Hello Eden91,

I’m glad to hear that you solved your issue. I’m going to this as resolved using this answer for tracking purposes.

Have a nice day!