Hi folks,

I currently sat myself onto the task to recreate a bit of the “Oblivion-Charme” i know from the game.
This project could turn into a small game with even more “Oblivion-Esque” inputs.
Today i would like to present you my progress after roughly 2 days of work.
I also broke down the assets a bit.

I hope to add more info on the caves, they are very special.
A huge thanks goes to luos for his illuminati secret ue4 tricks.

GoFundme Campaign:…ating-artgames GALLERY



I started working on the gameplay and i heavily changed the look.
There are more meshes to play with now and we got food now!

Also please check out my gofundme page.

Hello again,

I would like to introduce you to an update for this game.

Today i got:

  • Updated Light effects
  • implementation: Arms/Hands
  • Implementation: Weapons
  • Implementation: Misc/Light items
  • Implementation: NPCs

As many bugfixes and new minor imporvements.
Also in this Video i show a more look into how i build caves.

I am currently working on a list with upcoming features, also a roadmap.

The next things i want to get in are fighting mechanics and save/load systems.
Also i want to get the switching between levels working.

Please stay tuned and also take a look at my gofundme in the first post!

Regards Owl!