Cloister style overgrown ruin

I’m currently working on a scene/level of a cloister style overgrown ruin, in Unreal Engine 4.14.

As I don’t have too many assets I’ve mostly used the Infinity Blade Grasslands Set, so there’s no custom assets or textures here. I’ve added some lighting and postprocessing in order to test out things, but I’ve got a long way to go with that. The thought is to have this be a night scene with a colder moonlight shining down on the courtyard, and some orange warmer lights here and there under the roof. Also, on the balcony (at the bottom of the square image #3 from the top) there might be a view of the ocean.

Feel free to leave a comment, especially on things that might improve the scene, or things you find weird, off, or just plain wrong.

Play around with your post processing until it looks a bit more like this, really doesn’t convey moonlight at all right now: