Clipping of landscape after conversion to World Partition

I would love some help with the behaviour of our terrain - I converted a 4.27 project to UE5, and then converted the level to World Partition. when I pan the camera I get clipping of the terrain see video:

Moving in closer to the ground just makes things even worse:

Here is another example panning camera up and down with preview grid on World Partition activated and a single terrain tile selected:

For reference this is a 20km2 terrain that was split into 5x5 tiles @ 4033x4033mtr when first imported into UE4 using TerraFormPro plugin.

Thanks for any help

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Hey @Rossoe

Yeah, im experiencing something very similar. Currently on UE 5.0.2.

Its weird that it is clipping something closer to the camera with no obstruction. See my below pic.

While i dont have a solution - im dealing with this myself so i will be doing some digging and if i find a resolution, I’ll let you know. I just ask you do the same for me XD

Here is what my situation looks like.


Thanks for the feedback

I’m still testing, but I have a feeling this setting re enabling Large Worlds may have made an improvement for me -

There is a soft limit of 20km2, which can be removed with the above.

Our terrain is just a smidge over 20km.

How large is your environment? - and did you have to tile your terrain to fit it all in?

Has anybody of you ever found a Solution for that? If i size up my Runtime Grid and build HLOD it runs out of mem

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