CLion project does not generate UE4.19 MacOS

I’ve used dotBunny’s CLion plugin before in 4.18.3 with some success while trying out UE4.

The release notes have been advertising CLion compatibility for some time, but it’s never worked at all for me.
I switch the setting in General > Source Code > Editor, then I see a “Generate CLion project” menu item under File.

However, when I click it, no CMakeLists.txt is created.

Anyone have any ideas where I can get information? I haven’t been able to find any current documentation.

Edit: This bug is currently still unresolved and associated with ticket UE-54794

+1 Would love an answer as well, having the same problem…

It generates Xcode workspace instead on CLion project for me

Unfortunately the CLion plugin has been broken so I posted pull requests.

Please vote for this issue because it is registered as a bug ticket.

Github gives me 404 page

Because this repository is private, please register your account.

Thank you!

Man, I hope that they will patch it soon… I need it to work on my Mac… although in general mac is not ideal :slight_smile: but I don’t like XCode…

I followed the github instructions you posted (thanks!)

@shiena Are these PRs working? If so, would you recommend building the engine from source or is there some way to apply patches to our existing versions of the engine? Is Unreal’s release cycle fast enough that we should we just wait for them to be merged?

@Foodboytown These patches can be merged into both the master branch and the 4.19 branch for the engine source.

This is a bug introduced in 4.19 when they merged the plugin into the engine source. I’ve opened an issue on the bugtracker. Please upvote it for visibility.

Proper fix will be available in 4.20 and will help you generate CMake right from the UBT.