CLion and UE4 integration is broken?

Hi guys, did anyone manage to get around this problem?
Release notes advertised CLion support but it doesn’t work even in 4.20.
“Generate CLion project” function doesn’t do the job - it should create CMakeLists.txt.

I haven’t found any solution to this yet, if you having these problems too upvote ticket [UE-54794][1]
If somebody knows how to maybe solve this manually or else somehow please let me know!
[1]: Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-54794)

Are you on Linux? If so, make sure there’s a symlink to your in /opt/clion/bin/ I think there are other paths where the Editor looks to find CLion, but that’s the one I use.

I don’t think it’s ideal to need this symlink, especially because it is in a directory that’s meant to be available to all users when CLion is often installed per-user, but that’s the workaround I’m using.

No, I’m on WIndows 10.

I just checked the code of the plugin.

First of all: The mentioned path is the only one under linux.

But as you are on windows: The CLion plugin searches the registry to find where CLion is installed. If you installed the JetBrains Toolbox, it will first try to find CLion using the toolbox paths. If it can’t find the necessary executable there, I looks for standalone installations.

I’m not familiar with the windows version of CLion - is there a “portable” version of it? If so, I would suspect that that version would not update the paths in the registry and therefore would not be found by the CLion plugin of the UE4 editor. In that case, you could try installing a non-portable version of CLion. If you are on a non portable version of CLion, try reinstalling it and/or the Jetbrains toolbox (to fix broken/missing registry entries) and/or switching from standalone CLion to toolbox CLion or vise-versa (if one of the registry paths in the plugin is wrong; maybe the other isn’t).

You can try the pull request 5006

it works for me at least even the Ugly fix is actually pretty cool but you need to compile both the Project and ProjectEditor for it to work as intended.

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