Clinic Videogame Development

Hi all,

Our company develops clinical video games for a project dedicated to the ocular analysis of prevention and therapy. Currently we work with a 1992 engine, which at the time (3 years ago) could render images in 2k at 60 fps on 2 micro screens, to perform the RV. We do not work with VR glasses, as these screens have a sensor that captures the eye movement (Eye tracking).

My question is whether Unreal would be able to render 2 screens 2K at 60fps (or more) to consider a migration to Unreal in the very near future, because our Engine only work in graphics with Diffuse, Normalmap and Specular (No Metal/glossy, Map)

Can anyone get me out of doubts about it?

Thank you

UE4 generally has a high hardware requirement, so it depends on what hardware you’re using and what you’re doing with the engine. You can turn things down a bit depending on what features you need.

Thanks Darth!!
Quadro K5200 - 32 Gb 1866Mhz - Intel Xeon E7-4870 v2
I think is a good configuration to solve 2 screens in 2K (2560x1536) at 60 FPS.

Quadros aren’t usually very good for gaming, for example a GTX 1080 which is much cheaper than a K5200 would be better. But again, it still depend on what specific graphical features you need, things like post processing effects take a lot, or dynamic shadows.