Climbing walls - Feedback welcome

Hi everyone.

Firstly, excuse my english.

I’m still learning Unreal at the same time I work on it. Started last week but I’m working hard on it.
I’ve just arrived to a difficult point right now and it’s climbing walls.

I wanted to share with you a WIP of my climb walls functionalities. There are still several errors, some of them that I’ll be able to fix soon, but others than I may not be able to… That’s why I post this here, because I would love your advices, feedback and also if you now a simpler way or you find any bad habit on my way of doing it, just let me know, Please, pseudo-code (or pseudo-blueprint… it’s welcome to, beause my logic may not be working fine)

Well, now, let me explain what I have:

  1. Two animations: Climb start and climb end.



And here it goes the logic. I have two blueprints:
a) Main Character
b) A blueprint called **hang **that is just a box collider and an arbitrary Arrow over it.

And a blueprint interface to communicate both Blueprints.

Well, the way this barely works is:

1 - Main character has a box collider too
2 - When both colliders overlap each other: (collider from Main character and collider from hang) then…
3 - Climb_start animation plays. Blueprint deactivates gravity, velocity and input (except Space Bar).
4 - If you press the Space Bar, climb_end animation starts.
5 - When climb end finishes, hang_blueprint teleports the main character to the position of the arrow. After a delay of one second, main character activates gravity, and input again.

And that is how this more or less works…

Here you could see it:

What fails now?
Teleport makes the camera work very bad…
I did not reach to put the character exactly in the same place that the animation finishes… Teleport may not be a great option.
Minor animation problems that can be easily solvable.

Why I used teleport?
I was not able to syncronize the climb_end animation with the blueprint of the main character. I don’t know how to do that, I don’t know how to say to the capsule: “please, follow this guy. Don’t you see that he is climbing…:” xD

I’m pretty sure that there are millions of functionalities that I don’t know from Unreal and may help me a lot to get this done. In fact, I discovered Blueprint Interface yesterday. I did it with what I learnt in a week.

So please, don’t hesitate to recommend me any tool, or whatever could help me (and the people who’ll read this in the future). Sometimes just with a brief explanation or a name I can open my eyes… I tried to follow some 2 hours tutorials but finally I found myself copying what i see without understanding it, and I think that’s not the way my brain learns.

Thank you very much for your time.

This actually looks great in motion and you’re on the right track for how to make this work, congratulations!

I recommend this package a lot, but look into the Advanced Locomotion System V4, it’s free on the marketplace. It has a ‘mantle’ functionality that isn’t exactly what you’re doing, it’s more for automatically mounting obstacles, but it actually does what you did - disable gravity and teleport after the animation is done. Using interfaces, it smoothly lerps the camera up. Check it out!

If you want to take it a step further an implement some more complicated ledging, take a look at this youtube series from friend of the community, Crocopede:…4FJfkIIkF&t=4s

Thank you very much! Your suggestions are completely useful. I’m now checking the Locomotion System and taking notes. I’ll try to create an organic mantle system on my game with the info that I got from that Asset and from the Tutorials (even they feel a bit too much for me right now, curiosity calls curiosity and I’m sure I’ll finally understand all the steps).

Thanks again, Jared :slight_smile:

Best of luck amigo!