Climbing system HTC Vive

I’m looking for help setting up a climbing system for VR where you use the motion controllers to reach out, grab a ledge and pull yourself up. I got the below advice but it was in a thread where it was off topic so I don’t really want to keep asking questions there. I’m not sure what blueprints I am supposed to use below. For example I don’t know which BP I’d need to use to “get controller difference from last position” if anyone has an idea let me know.

Controller overlaps climbing rung
hold trigger > set climbing mode > record controller position
OnTick > if in climbing mode > get controller difference from last position > apply as offset to character > record new position
trigger release > end climbing mode

I’m trying to do this too, but I can tell you one thing. Sample the controllers position, and then subtract that vector from its current position to get the difference.

I set up my test exactly like yours, but with the above method, but for some reason the offset amount seems to be exactly half what it should be, and I can’t get it right by multiplying. So it feels like surfaces are ‘slippery’ but you CAN grab and move.

Please share anything you learn or figure out.

Any chance you could post a screenshot of the Blueprint? If I can improve on it I will post it back up here.

Turns out I can do better than that. I asked about how this climbing system was done, and he uploaded pictures of his blueprints. Check it out!
I haven’t been able to try it yet.

That’s excellent man thanks a lot. When I next have some time off I’ll have some fun with this.

I’ve taken a look at it and there is one part I haven’t figured out yet. There is a vector var in the last image called ‘controller location.’ I’m not sure where that is being set, and if it is on a tick or not. Let us know what you figure out!

In case you haven’t seen it yet here is the missing piece to the puzzle. It works perfectly for me now.

If he doesn’t have any problems with me sharing his code then I will upload a project for people to download. I’ll leave the link here.

Cool. I understand you made a guide or something? You should submit it as the answer to this question for others who may wander in.

Here is a link to the climbing template. Its only about 12.5 MB in size so a small download. In it is the BP for a climbing pawn.

Credit and thanks goes to Void Interactive for the BP screenshots.

Good idea.

Can you upload a version without the LookAlivePlugin

It seems to have some errors. The character also starts underground and tends to warp underground when teleporting.

You also put assets in that require a plugin that seemingly doesn’t exist, the “Lookalive” plugin.

What needs to be moved to the normal template in order to get this to work? thanks