Climbing movement component

I am create climbing movement component on c++.

It can:

  1. jumps on the wall.
  2. Run up the wall.
  3. jump over small obstacles
  4. Do acceleration under continuous running
  5. Make a slide when pressing Shift
  6. slide down the inclined surfaces
  7. Also, I am create an interactive object on which the rope can also be slide

video:Climbing system for Unreal Engine - YouTube

Github:GitHub - Deema35/Climbing-Movement-Component: Climbing Movement Component for Unreal Engine.

Very cool! This looks like it would make it easy to plug anims into, which is awesome. Great work :smiley:

Thank you.

Oh nice!

Going to use this asap :slight_smile:

I guess you can do IK fast if you access variables used in the proccessing part

When i click play , it is like FPS. Do you know how can i change it ?

Press F button.

Hi do you know how to migrate it to another character? Thanks