Climbing / Ledge Grab System Resources

Good evening fellow Devs.

I’m going to be adding a climbing system for a small project I’m working on and I’ve done a bit of research today in order to prepare since from what I’ve understood it will be a long and arduous journey.
During my research I happened upon this video by the developers of Submerged, a game that recently came out.

I actually fell in love with the apparent simplicity of their system and how easily it made level design.
Honestly the lads did an amazing job and I’m not expecting them to give it out for free, so I wanna try and replicate it to any extent I can.
All other tutorials I’ve happened upon like this great tutorial from Crocopede seem to be using collision detection.

So here, come a pile of requests from my part.
Is there another way to handle climbing other than the one Crocopede used?
Do you have any insight in how the Developers of Submerged might’ve achieved that system? Any tutorials that might look close to that? How are they making sure that you only climb on those points? All other tutorials are for climbing anything within preset parameters.
Do you have any resources that might be useful in this quest I’ve embarked upon? Animations, links, videos, even unity tutorials that might encompass a different logic for handling climbing.
I’m abit lost atm to be honest and I’m not very experienced when it comes to this kind of blueprint scripting so any help or points is very much appreciated.
In the meanwhile I’ll be following Crocopede’s tutorial just to get some exp on the matter and see what I learn

Thank you very much for your time.
If you have ANY info or hints, I would very much love the help.