Climbing Blueprint

I’m absolutely not a scripter and I have almost no idea what I’m doing when I’m working in blueprints. But I tried to make my character climb up walls so I used this tutorial:

The first part works fine. My character is hanging on the ledge (but not perfectly idk why) but when I press the jump bottom to let her climb up she’s doing the animation but goes straight back to the hanging position. And I think the reason is the tracer (like shown in the Tutorial) that should move with the character, so the forward and height tracer are not connected anymore after going up the wall. But for me they don’t move with the animation, only with the position of the character. Maybe I’m on the wrong track here. Pls help :smiley:

Here are the important blueprint nodes from the third person character:

This is the forward tracer:

And the height tracer:

And the animation blueprint if needed: