Climbing animation trouble

I’m trying to programme an animation where the character pulls himself up from hanging on a ledge, no matter what i try there is always some sort of issue. I’ve attatched a video that shows the neccessary code and the animation. I’ve tried changing the root of the animation in Maya from having it remaing at 0,0 to baking the joint so it follows and having the animation being performed on the spot.

Animation used in video is the baked joint to follow the animation.

Did you enable root motion in the animation ?

yes, I’ve tried both enabled and disabled as well as trying to move the capsule component along side the animation (both with and without root motion.ive tried setting The anim graph to root motion on everything but still no luck.

My guess is that root motion was not correctly set for the animation.
when it is, the capsule component will move along with your Root bone.
I myself have had similar issues. At times there are multiple checkboxes to check to make the animation or montage run as root motion.
I would say persist until the capsule moves along - and if it doesn’t that could also mean that your root bone is in fact not animated.

Last but not least, a quick check of the root motion animation content example might show you what settings are changed from the default.

Well, I don’t know what fixed it but it’s working now. I deleted all the code to do with my pull up and redid it all and now it’s working, the only thing I did differently was use an anim montage rather than a anim state. Thanks for the suggestions though.