CliffLands "The Narrows"
Create your own combinations of narrow cliffs or draw and drop with ones that I created. You can also use one diffuse and one normal Texture of your own and put it into the Material and you will be ready to go! Make snow ,Jungle or whatever biome you want! watch the videos in the links to see how to!

Material is easy and has possibilities of changing the colors of the Texture and the extra masks it makes too. Also, you can enable the top Texture or disable it of each piece of the cliff. You can use your own Texture on the top (slope based) .

The Material uses tessellation based on camera distance. All of the Textures derived from pictures that I took with my Nikon camera. I added a terrain brush so you can start making your own narrows much faster on the terrain. I will add a video explaining all of the features of this pack.…ds-the-narrows


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