CliffLands "The Narrows"

Make Narrow passages with modular pieces or combinations ready to draw and drop , create your own desert world!
HI every one i’m been working in this pack for few months and its about desert , sweet narrow paths where you can explore and make your own .
You can create your own pieces of narrows , or draw and drop ez , i will be making a new vidoe explanation covering all aspects of the pack soon as it is released.
I made all from scratch and used my own texture with my nikon camera , this pack has a lot all that you need for make sweet narrows .
I did not added grass i know will be give that touch but there are lots of deserts that dont have any grass , but i know there are tons of grass packs that you can add to it.

You can scale the meshes without looking quality near , and you can change color of the cliffs making it even more utah or atooine or wherever you like.
Also you can just draw your own textures and have different styles for the cliffs , just draw a normal map and albedo and there you go!
You can scale textures or disable things in the material as i dais i will be making a ful video of all that.

Stay tune for release and god bless you all :slight_smile:


Hi i will add the explanation video soon :slight_smile: