Cliff Tower Ruins

High quality models and textures of old buildings, ruined towers, cliffs, foliage, vines and wooden planks.
Materials can be quickly adjusted to fit your needs. All you need to bring your environments to life.
Walls are actual geometry, not a texture, which means you’re going to have nice clear silhouette.

All assets are hand-sculpted, with 3 levels of LOD. Textures ranging from 4k to 1k.

Pack has been fully updated! Tiling issue fully resolved!

You might want to play around a bit with noise and blending materials to get rid of the repetitiveness.
Its something easily noticeable by even the simplest of souls, and kind of pulls you out of the experience.


What do you suggest? To blend multiple pieces without noticeable tiling?

You might want to look in to vertex painting to get some variation on the meshes

I have one shader ready. Stay tuned for update.

I’ve been wanting something like this. :slight_smile:

As was said something to break up the repetitiveness would be very appreciated, but regardless… looking forward to it!

*randomness = repetitiveness bah

Looks cool indeed, like it ! :wink:
Some vertex shading and voila…even if it is a daylight scene, you could add some torches with orange lighting at some places to break the grey uniform mood. Also, you could change the time in the day…let’s say early in the morning like in the screenie i join…my two cents
Keep up !

Orange was my first idea as well, but it doesn’t look that great in this particular scene. I was going for grey, abandoned, desolated… But we will see after shader update.

This looks nice. The only thing I dislike like others have said, is the material being too repetitive on all walls.
But overall it’s nice! :slight_smile:

I like the grey washed out vibe myself. An early morning look, but with fog that the sun cannot pierce. Something like:

Also, want to say that the more separate you make this the better. Like the tower made up of a few pieces that you have placed together and not just one piece, etc. And good collision.

Small update with vertex painting and decals.

They are separate, lot’s of pieces =)

Love the mood in the picture.

So this looks a lot better, but I think the main issue remaining is the regularity of the brickwork - if you can offset those randomly a bit on each row it would look a lot less uniform/repeating. Dunno how feasible that is at this stage but I think it would improve things a ton.

Glad to hear it about the modularity! :slight_smile: Big plus. Now if I’m honest, something about the updated look just doesn’t look/feel as good to me as before when it was clean. And definitely it should be an improvement. Also second the motion for the brick patterns to be randomized somehow. I know you can use google just as well as me, but I did some poking around and found a couple images that seem particularly relevant:

Image 1
Image 2

These two tutorials may be relevant as well, or they may not:

Perhaps have the algae generation be greater toward the bottom and less the further up you go? It’d definitely be great if you could do the algae as a material in UE4 vs painting it on in your other program. That may be what you are doing now, I don’t know.

Just putting my two cents out there and trying to help. :slight_smile: Good work.

Thank you, the tiling here is difficult to fix, because it’s not a texture, it’s baked geometry. My mistake was to use smaller pattern from the beginning.

I added a lot of smaller bricks, that can be added manually and break up the pattern. Otherwise it would take ages to rework every single piece. Which can be done, provided I have more time.

Understood and well, perhaps it is best to just do what you can to cover it up or leave it as it is then and move on to your next project. Interesting about adding modular smaller bricks. Like your thinking. I wouldn’t know if it would look good until I had tried it, but there’s a lot of wear that can be added to the stones as materials in UE4 like was outlined in the videos and that may mask the repetitiveness. But people could do that on their own, too.

Well, it’s not the best solution, but it is a solution. I’ve updated all screenshots, have a look.

Oh, that’s definitely an improvement. I think it looks great. :slight_smile:

Thanks! Hopefully it will be on the Marketplace soon!

Which HDR did you use? I really need it!