Cliff House ArchViz Walk Through

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Really nice work!

Some stills with a different sunset lighting.






It’s very nice. May i ask what hardware you are getting 90fps at, and also, how long would you say this took you overall?


Hi VaSSiLi, I’m runnung an older i7 PC and a Asus 1070 video card. Most assets are low poly around 1000 verts or a bit more or less. A few of them are high poly (20-40k) but these I manually cull with a max draw distance. There are 2 cull distance volumes, one for inside and another one for everything else. The grass and bushes are part of the landscape actor and painted with the grass layer. Most other vegetation is painted as foliage. The railings or other repeated objects are placed with a blueprint using instances.

Finally to keep the draw calls down most assets have only one material id. I have a master material that uses masking instead of separate ids.

The project took a long time to make, maybe 8-10 weeks. But 80% of the time was research and creating good assets that can possibly be reused in other projects. Because asset creation takes a long time you need to be smart about it. I always create sets. Not just one sideboard but all three of the Poliform sideboards using one atlas. Saves time in the long run not just by creating material variations.

I added a bit more stuff but frame rate is still good. Draw calls is what brings many scenes down. If you have 100 books and every book has 3 ids you already have 300 draw calls. Or you use combined book stacks, a few variations sharing one material and you may only have 20 draw calls. The problem with traditional ArchViz assets is that they ALL
are high poly with a lot of materials. So every asset is 10 times over budget which means the scene is 10 times over budget.

I made a few changes to this project. Mainly the lighting. It is now a more moody sunset setting and the outdoor area got a bit of an upgrade. There are also a lot of smaller changes that make it look a bit more polished. This should be the final version of this project. It focuses on visuals and not interactivity.

What lighting do you use to give realism to the interiors? :smiley:


In the world settings I use

  • Static lighting level scale 0.75
  • Num indirect bounces 6
  • Environment color 7/7/7

So this is pretty conservative compared to some other suggestions. More is not always better in my opinion it just increases lighting build time and sometimes gpu memory and disk space usage. I can live with the slightly lower quality. Consistency is what I’m looking for otherwise slightly (better or) less good looking objects will stand out and break the illusion. - I don’t have a vray or corona background, I used to work in games for quite some time instead.

I use the “Ultra Dynamic Sky” that is available on the market place and let it do most of the job. Here are the most important settings:


  • Intensity: 3.85
  • Light Source Angle 0.25
  • Cast Modulated Shadows “ticked”
  • Modulated Shadow Color 128/98/70
  • Shadow Bias 0.9 (this is only set because the angle of the sun is so low that I get waves on some shadows)


  • everything default

There are 2 post process volumes. The main one (unbound) and a second one that only covers the interior. You can shape the volume with the Geometry Editing Tools

Post Process Volume (main unbound)

  • Global Saturation 0.8
  • Color Grading LUT_Afternoon (in engine content)

– Auto Exposure –

  • Min Brightness 0.25
  • Max Brightness 1.3
  • Speed up/down 3/2
  • Exposure Bias 0.0

Post Process Volume 2 (inside only)
– Auto Exposure –

  • Min Brightness 0.1

  • Max Brightness 2.0

  • Exposure Bias 0.7

  • Priority 5 (needs to be higher than main volume)

Luckily there are a lot of windows in the building and the sun angle is very low. So the sun lights up most areas. Where it gets a bit dark I “turn on” the light fixtures to help giving it a bit more light. (Dining, Kitchen, Hallway, Shower, Guest Room, Office). just a few little spots (intensity around 500 = 30W) of light help a lot in most cases, like in the bathroom.

Are you planning on putting this on the marketplace?

There are too many assets in this scene that I bought from the marketplace myself. So for copyright reasons I won’t be able to do this. And without those assets it would be quite a mess. :slight_smile:

But you can download the scene if you want to check it out here. You won’t be able to open it in the editor though. It’s just the built for windows (1.6 GB zipped). Give it a few minutes when you open it for the first time to load and stream all textures in proper.

Awesome work! I am also working on a Interior/Exterior Archviz scene and I cannot get the exposure right between indoors and outdoors. I have tried using two Post Process Volumes but keep getting stuck. Any chance you could explain how it works? My indoors always is too dark and outdoors too bright. I used first Post Process volume unbound, then encircled the interior with another one, with unbound not checked. Then what do I do? How can I control the different exposures indoors and outdoors.

Any help would be much appreciated, thanks.

fantastic work!

Hi Graeme,

have you set the priority of the interior volume? The setting is in the Post Process Volume section. It needs to be higher than the priority of the unbound volume. Also you might have to rebuild geometry (not sure about that but it doesn’t hurt. Usually when you click on Build it will build everything.) The volume needs to cover the entire interior. The (viewport) camera will pick the setting from the volume with the highest priority it is in. If a setting is not ticked it will use it from any of the other volumes where it is ticked or use default if it isn’t ticked in any volume. It sounds more complicated than it is.

Because post processing is camera based it will not light up the interior rooms if you are outside and look into the building. In this case the camera is in the outside post process volume so it will apply those settings from the unbound volume to everything you look at.

It is tricky to get the settings right and it won’t be perfect for every location in the level. If you still have problems maybe show us some images from the level.

Hi S-Dot, thanks for the reply and assistance. If you have some time, have a look at my latest Archviz project, let me know what you think,

Awesome! :smiley:

Nice work, nice photo!

Looks great!

Where can I download this?

there is a link a few replies up #10

This project looks brilliant.

The Rock in which the building is on, and to the left of; is this terrain or actual rock meshes?