ClientTravel asynchronously?

I’m making a VR game and any sort of freeze in rendering is painful. Currently I get a brief freeze when calling ClientTravel to connect to a server. I’m passing TRAVEL_Relative as well as setting SeamlessTravel to true, but even “seamless” travel still causes a rendering glitch.

I’ve been looking at how ClientTravel works but I’m currently stumped. What I really want to do is the following:

  • Client runs game, loads local map
  • Client uses an in-game item to initiate connection to a server
  • Client can still move and respond to input while connecting to server
  • Client successfully connects to server, which is on the same map we are currently on locally
  • Update the server with our current position so the player never notices a harsh transition to server

Is this possible at all, or will I need to accept a hard freeze while joining a server?

Also developing VR game and similar situation here.

I’m trying a ServerTravel with Transition Map now.
While I’m staying in the transition map, I got several freezes as the destination map is async loading.
Want to know is there any method to avoid those freezes.