Clients unable to Login after Travel

Hi there,

we have a problem regarding the traveling system.

When the match is over we call Servertravel(URL, true, false) with bUseSeamlessTravel=false;
Then the server travels to that Map and starts the new round as expected but the clients seem to have a problem.
The GUI just freezes in the old map. Adding “-log” as start-parameter we can see that there is still something running.

For debugging we added the PreLogin() and Login() functions to the GameMode.
The PreLogin of the client is called just normal. But the Login of the client is never called.

When travelling again to the next map before the client has a timeout we can see that the PreLogin is called again, so there seems to be a connection.

The client logs the following about 5 times a second until he times out: “LogSecurity:Warning: 76561198044684582:7777: Invalid_Data: Received a packet with an Acked PacketID”.

Both log the following beforehand: “LogNetTraffic:Warning: High single frame packet loss: X” (where X is a number between 200 and 400, different on server and client).

We are using Steam as our OnlineSubsystem. Server and Clients are in the same network and have their own Steam accounts.

Note: Its working fine with bUseSeamlessTravel=true; but we don’t want the GameMode and PlayerController etc to persist as the classes may change according to the map and at least need to be reset.