Clients not possessing their characters upon spawning

Any idea why? The process seems really simple in the tutorials I’ve followed yet in my custom setup it’s not working.

In GameMode I am searching for all player spawns in the game and assigning them a villager character. My Player Controller blueprint is empty but assigned in the world. Why isn’t it working?


Any ideas? Need more info from me?

I am not sure but I think GetPlayerController works only in local multiplayer, where you have few players on a single computer. Try to pin ReturnValue from CreatePlayer node to Target in Possess node.

Tried it! It removes the control from the server also.

I made an Override Function that just spawns my characters. However, when testing inside the match map it works all fine. but when I go through the create host and join server route my clients do not possess their characters. As I understand they can’t because they cannot read my Game Mode that is only server side and I should use Game State and Player State, but I do not know how. Any guidance on this?