Clients are laggy

Hey my clients are super laggy in my game and I cant work out why.

and heres what it looks like ingame:

It seems to be mostly when changing direction. If the client moves in one direction for a bit it stops stuttering.

This is the part handling movement in my controllers

This is the player character setup:

I have no packet loss or ping set in the .ini files. and this part of the documentations seems to indicate replication for characters with movement controllers is handled seamlessly I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong here

Every time the jitter occurs I get this in the log, but googling doesnt come up with anything useful:

LogCharacterMovement: Warning: GetSimulationTimeStep() - Max iterations 8 hit while remaining time 0.319618 MaxSimulationTimeStep (0.050) for 'PlayerChar_1', movement 'Walking'